School Visits

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My debut novel, Silent  (that I wrote and illustrated) is historical fiction with a little magical realism, suitable for readers 11 or 12 years to adult. Filled with memorable characters and fast moving action, the book is also a great way to explain World War One to kids who know nothing more about the war than that Wonder Woman pretty much, single-handedly, won it. 

I’ve got a variety of themes planned, such as:

  • How I went from being a painter to a writer (or how to turn a three page fairytale into a novel in only six short years.)
  • Women in uniform: A brief history of women disguised as male soldiers.
  • How a YA historical fiction novel with a little fantasy can be a remarkably painless way to learn about The War to End All Wars

Slide presentations full of photos and illustrations will accompany all of the talks. And there will be time for questions and answers.

If you know someone that’s looking for a lively and compelling author visit, let me know. 

Thanks for your support. It is much appreciated. 


David Mellon