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Here's your Free Illustration. (More coming soon.)


(A word about the illustrations...)

When my book deal happened last year, one of the first questions I had for my editor was, "do you want illustrations?" This was not an illogical question. Before I decided to spend seven years writing a novel, I drew pictures for a living. My editor said, she'd talk to the publisher and "get back to me." (They say that a lot in publishing.)

As I struggled through the daily heart-attack that is the editing process, time passed. Finally, one day, my editor called to say, "They'd love to have illustrations! Can we have one for each chapter?"

I reminded her that there were forty some-odd chapters, and only a couple of weeks to go before the book had to be submitted., no. That wasn't going to work. I suggested an illustration at the beginning of each of the four parts and a picture of the watch for the frontispiece. 

This worked well enough, though I would have liked some more time to look at the drawings before handing them over, they're a little under developed.

All that said, before beginning the sequel, I thought I would take some time to finish up a bunch of the roughs that didn't make it into the book. One might ask if there is any point in doing them now? Advertising, maybe? And, who knows? When the movie's out and a big hit, perhaps they'll want that deluxe illustrated edition. : )


David Mellon